Hospices Strasbourg


Perpetuating six hundred years of winemaking tradition, a group of renowned winegrowers from Alsace has decided to restore the Historic Cellars of the Hospices de Strasbourg, in order to mature there a prestigious selection of wines from their various vineyards. Each wine is chosen as representative of its variety, its area of production and its appellation. For each vintage, a tasting is made to select the most promising wines to be admitted in these cellars, where they are cared for with passionate dedication. All the winegrowers’ talent finds its expression in these exceptional wines, which are entrusted to an expert oenologist, specialised in the art of vinification and ageing in tuns.

The ideal conditions offered by the magnificent vaults allow each wine to develop its great personality. After several months of loving care, a final tasting leads to the moment for bottling, which takes place in situ: the crowning moment in a search for faultless wines which required months of tireless effort. The Historic Cellars of the Hospices de Strasbourg is an embassy for Alsace wishes the European capital; the symbol of tradition behind the region’s best wines, the expertise of generations, and the generosity, diversity and beauty of Alsace. The Cave de Beblenheim, partner in this renovation, is proud to market three outstanding wines.

Our Hospices de Strasbourg selection

Pinot Blanc Cuvée des Hospices de Strasbourg : Fruity wine with apricot aromas, well-bodied and persistant. Rich with a slight acidity which helps for ageing.

Pinot Gris Cuvée des Hospices de Strasbourg : With its elegant nose, its good persistance and good balance, this Pinot Gris matured on the lees acquires in the tun a fuller flavour and more developed structure. Hints of the exotic fruits, underwood taste and leather.

Riesling Cuvée des Hospices de Strasbourg : a dry white of superb, clear golden hue. The fine, elegant nose combines floral, mineral, and exotic fruits notes. On the palate, the entry is fleshy and ample, fresh but with body; perfectly balanced. The fruit fragrances remain on the palate, leaving a lingering freshness.

Gewurztraminer Schloesselreben Cuvée des Hospices de Strasbourg : this wine, is produced from grapes grown in a the famous whose name means “the vines from the little castle”, draws its qualities from a stony soil and a well-exposed position. The colour is golden-yellow, the aromas refer to rose petals and spices.

Pinot Noir Cuvée des Hospices de Strasbourg : Nice and brilliant red colour. Elegant and complex in the nose with red fruits aromas like raspberry or cherry. Nice balance and good structure.


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