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PB 2020 HEIM MORM 2021

Pinot Blanc Alsace 2020 Gold Medal Mâcon 2021


75 cl Vintage 2020


Our Medalist Wines have been awarded at major national and international wine competitions. Coming from particularly well-exposed terroirs, on tasting they reveal a very harmonious balance between body, acidity, suppleness …

SITUATION: Beblenheim

SOIL: Stone, marl and limestone

HARVEST: Traditional with selection of the best grapes

VINIFICATION: Traditional in white with temperature control on clear juices and ageing some months in vats and 1 to 2 months in bottles

TASTING: Wine easy to drink and very refined characterized by grilled bread aromas

FOOD PAIRING: Salads, crustaceans, asparagus, poultry and fresh cheeses

SERVICE: 8° to 10°

AGEING: 2 to 4 years




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