Treasure in our soil!

The complexity of our soil

The land cultivated by our growers stretches across Beblenheim and the neighbouring communes, as well as around Dorlisheim, where we have a second facility. The heartlands of our Beblenheim vineyards sit above the Ribeauvillé Rift, giving our terroir its characteristic richness and diversity.

The Beblenheim sector

At the far end of the Ribeauvillé limestone rift, the easternmost Beblenheim plots offer up wines which are expressive, rich, and well-balanced. The plots closer to the Vosges give fresher, more chiselled wines.

The Dorlisheim sector

Shallow marl and limestone soils, packed with limestone pebbles. The lower layers are hard, consisting of Muschelkalk and Lettenkohle. The wines produced on these have a briny character, with good acidity to extend the finish long after the final sip.

Our Grands Crus

We produce wines from four Grands Crus at the Cave de Beblenheim, all located no further than 3km from our installations. The varieties planted on each Grand Cru site are selected according to the specific characteristics of each terroir.

  • Rieslings grow on Grand Cru Schoenenbourg de Riquewihr, for wines that will stand the test of time.
  • Pinots Gris and Gewurztraminers provide unparalleled volume and generosity on Grand Cru Froehn de Zellenberg.
  • Pedigree Gewurztraminer grow on Grand Cru Mandelberg, between Beblenheim and Mittelwihr.
  • Sunny, rich, and well-balanced Pinots Gris and Gewurztraminer enjoys the unique terroir of Sonnenglanz de Beblenheim.
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Cave de Beblenheim

14 Rue de Hoen

68980 Beblenheim

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Monday : 9h-12h/14h-18h30
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Sunday : 10h-12h/15h-18h30


2B Route du Vin

68980 Beblenheim

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Monday : 10h-12h30/14h-18h30
Tuesday : 10h-12h30/14h-18h30
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Sunday : 10h-12h30/14h-18h30

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