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It would be difficult to find a more ideal geographical situation for Beblenheim: the village nestles in the heart of Alsace, only a few kilometers away from Riquewihr and Zellenberg. The  typical charm and atmosphere of the region, so well portrayed by Hansi, the famous Alsatian artist, can be found everywhere: timber-framed houses, stone gateways with coats-of-arms, a beautiful fifteenth-century old gothic fountain. But without any doubt, Beblenheim exists first and foremost for wine.

The village’s winery is the focal point for hectares of vines across five rural districts. In this small, typical Alsatian village, jealously-guarded winegrowers’ secrets have been handed down from father to son for generations.

A little history

Cave de Beblenheim has been created in 1952 by several winegrowers who decided to pool their expertise in order to work more efficiently. Two years later, together, they obtained their first gold medal. Today, after five decades of constant progress, has reached the sixth place among the wine-producers in Alsace, and brings together 150 winegrowers, cultivating vines in Beblenheim and its neighbouring villages.

A further step was taken where obtaining the ISO 9001 certificate. This guarantees a top-quality product, delivered in the best possible conditions, besides private customers, the wishes are marketed in supermarkets, wholesalers and restaurants. Up to 35% of the production is exported, mainly to the Netherlands, Great Britain, Switzerland, Belgium, the USA and Germany, but also to Canada and Russia. And for two years now, all our winegrowers are applying the standards and recommendations of integrated vinegrowing, an environment-friendly approach similar to the ‘Conservation Grade’ system.


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