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PN HUS 2019 (2)

Pinot Noir Alsace 2019 Hospices de Strasbourg


75 cl

Vintage 2019


The Historic Cellar of the Hospices de Strasbourg, a veritable embassy of Alsace wines in the European capital, symbolizes the tradition of the best Alsace wines, ancestral know-how, the generosity, diversity and beauty of Alsace. The Cave de Beblenheim, which is associated with this renovation, offers exceptional wines.

SITUATION: Beblenheim

SOIL: Marl and limestone

HARVEST: Traditional by hand with selection of parcels

VINIFICATION: Traditional in red with maceration during nearly 10 days and then ageing in oak barrels during 6 months in the Cave des Hospices de Strasbourg which gives him a great personality.

TASTING: Nice garnet with purple reflects colour, brilliant and deep. Elegant and complex in the nose, with strong red fruits like raspberry or cherry flavours. Well-done in the palate, full-bodied, well-balanced and structured.

FOOD PAIRING: Nice for red meat or duck dishes

SERVICE: 15° to 18°

AGEING: 2 to 5 years




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